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Mennesker på toppen av fjellet på Svalbard

As in previous years, the Toppturfestivalen Svalbard puts safety first. With us we have handpicked and experienced tour guides and polar bear rangers.

Safety and equipment

Packing list

Careful assessments of the conditions will be made before we move out into the terrain and during the trip itself. In Pyramiden, it is the festival management together with the employees at the hotel who ensure safety.

60 - 80L backpack

60 - 80L backpack

Backpack and storage

Winter clothing (Shell clothing, mid-layer, down jacket and woolen underwear)

Hat and gloves and mittens

Swimwear (Yes, everyone has to swim!)

Indoor shoes/slippers (for use in the hotel)

Backpack and storage

Ski/splitboard, boots and poles


Sunglasses and goggles

Backpack and storage

Avalanche detector (Mandatory)

Spade (Required)

Search bar (Required)

Helmet (Strongly recommended)

First aid kits and chafing plasters (to take care of minor injuries such as small cuts and other bleeding)

Backpack and storage

Various snacks/drinks to take with you on your trip

Water bottle (enough water for a day on the summit trip)

Thermos, cup and possibly cutlery (if you plan to eat, for example, real tour food)

Backpack and storage

Sunscreen (the sun takes just as much in Svalbard as elsewhere)


Backpack and storage

Pakker utstyr før avreise på topptur

Safety brief on departure

On departure, we will take a general safety briefing for the festival itself. We have some equipment requirements for all our participants who must be present in order for you to be able to join the top tours:


  • Helmet (recommended)

  • Shovel

  • Search bar

  • Avalanche finder (Transmitter/Receiver)

In addition, it is of course practical to have sunglasses and sunscreen, so you don't get snow-blind or sunburned.


We plan trips with safe route choices and avoid driving in terrain that requires special equipment. If you are unsure of your own skills when it comes to different types of snow and traversing, it may be good to bring crampons.


Otherwise, the standard equipment for the summit tour applies. The approaches can be long, and we therefore recommend skis or splitboards.

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